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IT Value Experts

Maximize the Value of IT

About Us

Corporate name: IT VALUE EXPERTS Inc. (IVE)
Founded: September, 2017
Founder & CEO: Tomosato “Tom” Hiroki
Headquarter: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Services: IT management consulting
IT management related education & training
Establishment and operation support for IT industry associations operate in Japan
capability capability

Mission Vision Value


Maximize the value of IT by improving the capabilities of organizations and individuals.


Build the “best team” of experts that has industry-leading expertise in IT management
Be the “preferred partner” for CIOs and practitioners aiming to transform its business through the utilization of IT
Be the “catalyst” for networking and development of the IT management industry in Japan


Always work side by side with customers and build long-term good relationships with them
As a professional, always keep high quality standards on work
As an individual, live a well-balanced happy life and work with vigor and enthusiasm

capability capability

Our business & Service


Services for enterprise:

We support organizations related to IT management to transform their end-to-end business scheme by taking full advantage of our network and know-how.


Services for individuals:

We support individuals (management executives, practitioners) related to IT management to make an appropriate decision on their daily business by networking, providing up-to-date information and educational opportunities, including overseas trends.


Services for international companies and associations:

We support organizations that have a plan to expand their business to Japan for effective establishment of a new branch office and operation by taking full advantage of our network in IT Service Management industry.

Our strength


Industry-leading knowledge:

  • Number of frameworks & methodologies using30
  • Number of related qualifications69
  • Number of knowledge presented to market (contribution of thesis, lecture, book writings)32

IT Business + consulting experience:

  • Number of industries have experienced15
  • Number of companies worked with160
  • Number of IT management related projects experienced240+

Broad industry network:

  • Number of industry groups actively involved7
  • Number of solutions able to introduce25
  • Number of vendors able to introduce46

as of November 2017



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